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Screen EM-01 red

weight: 0.350 kg

It’s the simplest, lightest and most reliable solution to allow the driver to regulate the airflow through the radiator at any time. Made of materials resistant to petrol, oils and to the operating temperatures of the radiator itself, moves vertically thanks to a pulley system and is easy to install thanks to specific double ended screws.

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weight: 0.570 kg

Made of aluminium and machined from solid, EM-01 radiator supports, thanks to the telescopic structure, they allow the radiator to be positioned and tilted precisely.

measure (mm): 250 x 435 x 40
weight: 2.780 kg

misure: 250 x 435 x 40

Measuring a maximum of 250X435X40 mm, the EM-01 model places itself in the middle of the EM-Technology range in terms of size. It comes with a deflector fitted as standard.